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Entertaining Corporate Parties

Edward Shanahan

Corporate Parties
Public Readings

Best Psychic in Chicago award to Edward Shanhan

Having Edward Shanahan
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Entertaining Corporate Parties with Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan enjoys the entertaining Corporate Psychic Parties and Public Psychic Reading locations to assist the host in providing a successful entertaining party for thier guests.

Edward offers different enteraining options for the party host. As with many of the larger parties he has done the host has the option of having two entertaining Psychic Readers for the party as Annette joins Edward at the corporate parties when the party is large and two readers are needed for the night of entertainment.

Together both Edward and Annette provide different types of individual readings for those participating in having readings done. Annette has over 20 years of doing Tarot, Past Lives and Runes public readings and is the only Reader that Edward invites to join him. Since both Edward and Annette do different type of readings, individuals have been known to go from one reader then to the other reader.

Type of Readings provided by Edward Shanahan

The goal of Corporate Parties and Public Readings, is to provide as many readings as time will allow. Edward has been known to do as many as 30 private individual readings at a corporate party and even more at a public location with his public Gallery Message Readings. The private readings consist of palm and psychometery if time allows for both.

  • ‘Private Readings’ - Individuals or couples come up to have a private reading with Edward or Annette if she is also working with Edward at the location. The time for allowed for the readings will depend on the amount of people to possibly be read.

  • ‘Readings in the Round’ - Edward does the readings right there in the open. It's entertaining for everyone at the party and he attempts to keep it that way. What would be required at a larger party is the use of a microphone for Edward.

  • 'Gallery / Message Group Reading' – This can be fun for a group and what Edward does at the Spiritualist Church for the special Saturday Night Message Readings. Each individual writes two questions they are seeking answers for on a piece of paper, fold it and put their name on the sheet of paper. Everyone’s sheet of paper are collected.

    Edward then pulls a sheet of paper, calls out the person’s name, gives them a short nice reading in front of everyone. Then Edward looks at their questions, he does not read the questions out loud, but he will give a spiritual guided answer to each one of their questions. Then Edward moves on to pulling another sheet of paper to call the next person to be read.

  • If it is desired Edward can also before the readings speak about his knowledge and experience throughout the years with the paranormal and spiritual world.

Fee for Corporate Parties and Public Locations for Edward's entertaining services.

The fee is based on a per hour fee with a minimum fee. The maximum amount of hours would be seven with breaks during the readings.

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