Best Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan, Medium, Entertainer and author.

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Seances and Spirit Communication.

Medium Edwsrd Shanhan during his Circle of Energy Seance

Edward Shanahan and Spirit Communication / Seance

A Spiritualist Church Pastor text Edward this message awhile back and it is about what he does and how he does it: Ed Your info is great, I think all of it should be express. You are an excellent medium, investigator and a good teacher. You have put your time in and have the resources of this profession. You have the ability to raise the bar in this work. I would like to see you make a difference in how people view this work. Its an important line of interest and the future of all people weighs heavily on this concept.

Why and How by Edward: What I do is because of the dream message I received. The message is that I have to show that there is a Spiritual World, a world that we can look forward to one day. We came from the Spiritual World and will return back to it one day, as it is home.

The reason I received the dream message about what I needed to do, was because of a healing miracle a little child received that I prayed for and is very close to me and will always be so. The medical doctor called it just that "a mircle". After that I received the dream message on what I was supposed to do. The miracle has been written up in both books and in the Southtown Star Newspaper.

The amazing thing is that I have been guided by the Spirit World on how to do what I do. Even items have been brought to me to enhance the experience for individuals who participate in my Circle of Energy Seance.

I do not sit at the table and say the spirit of Mary, Jane, Joe etc... are present, I never have done that. What I attempt to do, is raise the Spirits so that they interact and communicate with those participating, then those participating have a true experience as a Medium would.

I am a firm believer that this experience for individuals is meant to be and not some type of 'Special Gift' that no one can experience other then the Medium. It does not work that way and the older the soul, much more that they possibly will experience during my Circle of Energy. This is something that is a creation of mine and was gifted to me to provide for others to experience. I am a believer in the words of the promised supernatural powers gifted to believers by the Holy Spirit.

Experience Edward Shanahan's Circle of Energy: This is possible and can held at your location with family and friends to attempt communication with loved ones who have passed. You can have it as part of Psychic Party you host or a stand alone experience for individuals. Details for hosting a Psychic Party are here. The Circle of Energy is also done at every private or public paranormal night or workshop that Edward runs. He has also been known to attempt spirit communication for family members who attend at their family grave site.

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One individuals experience from Edward's Circle of Energy in June 2014: Hello Ed, here is my testimony as I promised. Please refer to me as Believer Three. I thank you for your sensitivity to that request.

I have experienced chronic pain for over a decade, having been deemed legally disabled with several conditions since 2004. I have been under the care of several doctors for these disabilities.

One of the chronic pain conditions includes back and neck pain caused by herniated, torn, and bulging discs. The conditions present with much pain, and often pain medications do not alleviate the pain. I am often debilitated by these conditions, forced into bed rest and light activity. There are two specific points in my neck that cause severe, pinching pain that prevents me from even holding my head in a comfortable, normal position.

Perhaps, I can say that the "specific" pain in my neck, is now a paste tense experience. I experienced that pinching pain for the last time, that I can recall, after I met Ed for the first time. I didn't even realize that the pain had stopped because I had become accustomed to living with it since 2000, after I suffered a whip lash injury. It occurred to me upon meeting Ed for the second time that this sharp pain hadn't presented since our first meeting, approximately two or three weeks before! I almost didn't believe it, but experiencing relief is the absolute proof.

I think the comforting, peaceful vibe that Ed emits as a Healer, enabled me to tap into this healing frequency as we held hands. I believe in the ability to help others heal, and I have no doubt that Ed harnesses such an ability, as Jesus the Christ said we could all do IF WE BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH.

I think we must have closed a circle of sorts, if that makes sense. Perhaps we closed a cycle of pain, and created a healing circle. Healing is borne of unconditional love, and I intend to meet with Ed again. I look forward to meeting with them to continue exploring universal peace, loving messages, and divine blessings!

Thank you Ed!
Believer Three

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