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Paranormal Experiences

Edward Shanahan durning his Circle of Energy Spirit Communications

Edward Shanahan - The Paranormal and Supernatural.

Edward Shanahan has been in the public's eye involved with the paranormal since the year 2000. Living his whole life within 5 minutes of the Chicago land areas most haunted areas, the S.W. Suburbs and the area he still lives in.

Edward would like to see the name Paranormal changed to Supernatural for the fact that he believes we are dealing with Spirit beings. The word 'Ghosts', is a word he would rather not use as it is tied to more the Ghost Tours then Experiences with the Spirit World. The word 'Paranormal' is still a
trending and a key word, but Edward feels it is a word that is losing it's pull outside of the paranormal field.

The word 'Supernatural' is even being used today by the Christian faith and a title that today is becoming the word that many, including Edward, uses when describing encounters with the Spirit World.

Edward's creation that he calls a 'Circle of Energy Seance' for Spirit Communication has enhanced the experience by using an Echovox to compliment his Circle of Energy. This has allowed Edward and those present at the paranormal outings to venture in to the spirit realm by way of holding his Circle of Energy and attempting spirit communication and experiences for those attending.

This is done at haunted locations for those who are attempting to experience the spirit realm at the location, be it for their personal experiences or as Edward knows, that it is also a form of entertainment for some of the curious who attend. Skeptics are always welcomed to attend Edward Shanahan's Paranormal Nights as he says "Never say never, as I may just change your mind".

Chicago paranormal host and Medium Edward Shanahan and his Circle of Energy Seance
Haunted Senator John Humphrey House, Orland Pk, IL.

Supernatural / Paranormal Nights at Chicago Land Area Locations documented to be haunted and active. The image on the left side of the page is Senator John Humphrey House in Orland Pk, IL and is one of the locations Edward Shanahan holds his supernatural / paranormal nights at.

It can also be used for Private Paranormal Nights with Edward Shanahan for a group of family and friends who would desire that type of experience together.

Mary Alice Quinn is a Spiritual Spirit since 1935 individuals seeking hope and miracles have come to pray, wish and ask for a miracle for the sick, children and loved ones. Edward is such a person also, the miracle and more has happened.

Comment from Paranormal Night at the Willow Creek Farm in Shannon, IL - Ed, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to investigate the Willow Creek Farm! It was without a doubt one of our best investigations so far! You are truly a gifted person and I don't think any of us will ever forget our night with you at the farm! As for the séance, what else can I say but WOW!! That was the most amazing part of the night and I look forward to joining your circle again!
:0) Laura DeMore

The Miracle Child's Grave Site.

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