Best Chicago Psychic Edward Shanahan, Medium, Entertainer and author.

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To be able to do Readings is special.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did...if it wasn't for your incredible abilities and your vibrant personality the success of the party would have been grim. Everyone wants to do it again.

Thank you again Ed,
Thank you soooo much, the reading ment alot to me and you hit it dead on!
Jeff D.

Hello Ed, here is my testimony as I promised. I only ask that you do not publish my name in any printed materials you may share. Please refer to me as Believer Three. I thank you for your sensitivity to that request.

I have experienced chronic pain for over a decade, having been deemed legally disabled with several conditions since 2004. I have been under the care of several doctors for these disabilities.

One of the chronic pain conditions includes back and neck pain caused by herniated, torn, and bulging discs. The conditions present with much pain, and often pain medications do not alleviate the pain. I am often debilitated by these conditions, forced into bed rest and light activity. There are two specific points in my neck that cause severe, pinching pain that prevents me from even holding my head in a comfortable, normal position.

Perhaps, I can say that the "specific" pain in my neck, is now a paste tense experience. I experienced that pinching pain for the last time, that I can recall, after I met Ed for the first time. I didn't even realize that the pain had stopped because I had become accustomed to living with it since 2000, after I suffered a whip lash injury. It occurred to me upon meeting Ed for the second time that this sharp pain hadn't presented since our first meeting, approximately two or three weeks before! I almost didn't believe it, but experiencing relief is the absolute proof.

I think the comforting, peaceful vibe that Ed emits as a Healer, enabled me to tap into this healing frequency as we held hands. I believe in the ability to help others heal, and I have no doubt that Ed harnesses such an ability, as Jesus the Christ said we could all do IF WE BELIEVE and HAVE FAITH.

I think we must have closed a circle of sorts, if that makes sense. Perhaps we closed a cycle of pain, and created a healing circle. Healing is borne of unconditional love, and I intend to meet with Ed again to continue exploring universal peace, loving messages, and divine blessings!

Thank you Ed!
Believer Three

Always open to those seeking

I just want to say "thank you". As I am digesting the information you gave me, I feel a sense of peace. Anita and I truly enjoyed our time. I do hope that you will be able to find time for me to bring information about my Uncle Danny. It really is not much but his son, Michael, was able to give me more information. My husband is also eager to have a reading.

I called my mother, Uncle Danny's sister, and she may come with me next Saturday evening.

Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful reading this morning. I'm just blown away by it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the blessed guidance you gave me. -Thank you!
Mary M.

Mr. Shanahan, it was SUCH an incredible experience having you join us on Friday evening! What a unique way to gather amongst friends....who knew that there would be "others" gathering with us! I hope that (lucky number) 13 women, didn't drive you too nuts!! The memory alone will last forever and we cannot wait to follow you onto the next adventure in May!!! Thank you again, our time with you was remarkable!!
Maria Irene C.

My homemaker said her husband Robert Medina + his sister Alina and a friend Sophia about 3 weeks ago had a meeting with you and they were very impressed . She remembered me telling her about the Boy's Club event and my meeting with you.
Sandra K.

Hey Edward, Hope all is well! Everyone had a blast at my birthday thanks!! Do you have April 5th available? Its a would be for my grandmothers 89th birthday we are thinking 3pm...let me know! Thanks!!

Thanks for joining us and making a memorable experience- everyone loved it! We'll be seeing you at the big paranormal night!
Take care,

Wish for your day

Your very welcome and thank you for coming out. The party was a huge hit and every loved you! Will def be contacting you in the future.
~ Jamie

Thanks to you as well. You're presence brings a calmness I rarely feel. I would have been happy with you just holding my hand. It gives me serenity. Doug agreed and was delighted to properly meet and speak with you. I hope this doesn't sound too odd, but I wish my own father could have looked so kindly upon me as you did. Thank-you for letting me feel that, if only for 30 minutes. Although, typing this now, I remember that peace you gave me and I am tearing up. The feeling of unconditional, parental love has stayed with me and is something I can reflect upon. It is good to know that people like yourself are in this world.

God Bless You and thank-you for being a blessing to me and Doug.

Thanks so much for the nice evening. Everyone had a wonderful time. At least two of my relatives said that was the best reading experience they have ever had.
Thanks again! Megan

I can't stop thinking about the evening at the Slated Lady. It was more to process than I realized. Do you know if there are any results form the investigators posted anywhere on line yet? Thank you for the experience. My mom hasn't stopped talking about it, because it brought her much peace. An interesting side note; when my mom asked about her grandson Jacob who is alive, you asked if he had passed because you felt a Jacob on the other side. We didn't think much of it then, but the next day she felt the presence around of her brother Jacob who had passed.
Diane S.

"No thank YOU for your positive energy, how "spot on" you were with everything you said! We will definitely have you out again for more are absolutely awesome!!"

Kathy B.

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